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Area codes can define an entire region; that’s no secret in the world of music where artists take pride in representing their hometown. And as Alex Christie, musically known as Alex_242 (Rowdy/Interscope), readies herself for her debut, she is set to dial America into an area code many may not be familiar with.

“[242 is] my area code,” says the Bahamian native, “I’m proud of it and I grew up there… I want everyone to know I’m from the Bahamas.”

In 2008, after a visit from noted producer Dallas Austin, Alex_242 moved to Atlanta to begin work on her eponymous debut. Impressed, Austin decided to sign her to his label, Rowdy Entertainment. Overflowing with radio and club-friendly tracks, the debut sums up the essence of the diverse singer. From the Euro-pop tinged “Super Cool,” which samples 1980s Italodisco classic “Tarzan Boy,” to her debut single “Let ‘Em Know,”

“What you're about to get is pretty much a kaleidoscope of sounds,” Alex says, “My album is fused heavily with island music, pop laced with dubstep, and a little urban flare.”

The ambitious mesh of genres is a prelude to Alex herself. Her unique style and confidence is distinct, yet genuine. Some would even say it’s a rare find in a new singer/songwriter.

“I like artists like Lady Gaga, M.I.A and Gwen Stefani,” she says. “They aren’t afraid to be who they are they don’t conform to the masses. I love people like that.”

Individuality isn’t all Alex admires in an artist. Her wide range of musical influences spans far beyond the aforementioned. She cites her main influence as Junkanoo—a Bahamian cultural explosion celebrated twice annually in the Bahamas.

“I grew up on Junkanoo music,” says Alex, “[Growing up], the majority of music I listened to was Bahamian Rake N Scrape, reggae and R&B.”

In fact, it was the R&B group, TLC in particular that earned her respect for renowned producer Dallas Austin, who was instrumental in turning the seminal girl group from Atlanta into global superstars.

Like other singers who came from an island and made it big worldwide, Alex_242’s music crackles with breezy urban energy culled from a heady brew of influences imported from America and absorbed via osmosis through a tropical prism.

Alex has come a long way from her haven. And with the ever evolving state of music, Alex’s introduction couldn’t come at a better time. Best summed up by the title of her futuristic-sounding club banger, she is ready to “make it pop.”